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Re: Theos-World Re: The Brotherhood of Darkness

Jan 09, 2007 04:35 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 1/8/07 11:59:00 PM, writes:

> --- In, MarieMAJ41@... wrote:
> >
> >  Have just finished watching this video on
> > 
> > Here is the video I just finished watching:
> > Thei video is called The Brotherhood of Darkness
> >> What is the origin of the Council on Foreign Relations, and
> >> what is its relationship to Freemasonry, Theosophy, Socialism and
> >> information on the movements working to create a New World Order.
> >
> I was surprised to see this link and discovered that it appears to be
> a fundamentalist christian station, hence the corresponding amount of
> trust to it. It should NOT to be confounded with Radio Liberty/Radio
> Free Europe which was created to undermine Soviet block and is
> sponsored by American Congress, and as some say, controlled by CIA.
> Yet I cannot say that the authors of the site have used the name of
> well-known station with intent, as it is not so well known in America
> as abroad, and moreover, some americans would be shocked to hear some
> of its transmissions.
> I had no possibility to see the video but it seems to be junk
> according to the annotation.
Actually, it is worth seeing... Since it is a clearly opinionated conspiracy 
theory and misinterpretation, conflation, and denigration by association of 
occultism, theosophy, masonry, pantheism, etc., along with a distortion of world 
history -- using second hand hearsay evidence -- for the sole purpose of 
Christian propaganda promoting the divinity of Jesus as the embodiment of a 
supernatural separate and personal God... In addition, there is no rational basis 
for accepting the validity of the world view expounded by this speaker, than 
blind belief in the literal interpretation of the Christian bible.

These arguments are important for us to know -- in order to understand the 
conflict between the dictatorial forces (one by edict empowered by greed, and 
the other by biblical authority) on each side of   the table that are scheming 
to rule the world (while each paints the others black) in accord with their own 
particular yet conflicting concepts and beliefs... While we maintain the 
wisdom that theosophy stands outside of all such political machinations, as the 
accumulated knowledge of the ages that is the source of understanding of the 
true nature of reality in accord with fundamental principles, and governed solely 
-- in its natural evolution (without interference by Man's personal beliefs, 
desires, or preconceptions) -- by scientific laws and principles based on 
cycles and periodicity leading to the truths of karma and reincarnation... Truths 
that neither side of these global domineers can accept, since these truths 
negate all their rationale for taking over the dictatorial ruling of the world 
for their own immediate ends and purposes.   

This understanding can enable us to offer counter arguments that can teach 
those sitting on the fence or wrapped up in either of these wrong views, the 
truths that could lead them to a study of theosophy which could help them find 
their own self realization, and avoid being caught up in their clutches.

What difference if the "New World Order" leaders are a dictatorial hierarchy 
of a separate God and his representatives, or an elite hierarchy of oligarchs, 
bankers and industrialists?   

Besides the possibility that their continued competition for power and 
control of both people and world resources, could lead to further wars and perhaps 
global economic and ecological collapse or even nuclear destruction -- In 
either case, the homogenization of diverse cultures into one restrictive culture or 
another that inhibits our freedom to choose and learn the different ways of 
the world in one lifetime or through many incarnations, could do much to 
interfere with the normal course of human evolution.   

Consequently, it pays for us to be aware  of and be alert to these 
possibilities, so that we can take an opposing stand or apply counteraction -- as HPB 
warned might be necessary for true theosophists in this present and last cycle 
of the theosophical movement.

Unfortunately, this combative aspect of the theosophical movement has been 
ignored far too long over the past teaching, learning and gathering together 
cycle...   And may be ready now to be revived in the face of the present threats 
to our evolutionary progress as well as to government of the people, by the 
people and for the people, as originally conceived by the founders of a true 
democracy in America that could be the model of a freely chosen liberty, equality 
and brotherhood for each nation or individual culture throughout the world.   

However, forceful imposition of such concepts, as is presently the case in 
the middle east, is not a workable method,... And any group that attempts it 
should be restrained by whatever non violent democratic means are possible.    

Best wishes,   

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