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Jan 09, 2007 02:56 AM
by Duane Carpenter

Hi Leon
  Thank you for your occasional contribution, it is an important one .The science of occultism will one day win the day and bring humanity to the threshold of a new dispensation. One based not on dogmas and belief systems but one based on the electrical and magnetic properties of all life. This we know in its highest form in Theosophy is called Fohat. Fohat we are taught  has symbolically speaking seven sons which majke up the 7 rays of any manifested system. When the law of correspondence, sympathetic vibration and the occult law of anaolgy are know and followed the path for humanities liberation will take place. Because (true science) is in its infancy we see only small glimpses of light  in a great wall of materialism. I have been to your web site and can see the contributions that you have made along these lines.I can also see the many credits and contributions you have made along the lines of technology. art and the theater . Spiritual Art and Occult science fused
 appeal to the heart as well as the mind. It has been said by those far wiser then I that the first rung of the ladder to full blown liberation is genius and that traveling at that rarified atmosphere one will meet few companions. I wrote a brief article on some of these related subjects that  may be of interrest to you and other Theosophists. It can  be found at http;// or go University of the Seven Rays. Go to top of page and hit journal folder. go past articles, scroll down to Duane Carpenter, password is jep, also go to audio archives and pull up, Wheel of Light and Seven Colors. I presently have two US utility patents on this device and am drafting up a third at this moment. Once again art and science fused. 
  Blessings to you and your work.   DC wrote:           
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> > Vince ,
> >  Hi stay engrossed in the Buddhism it will be a rewarding effort.
> Here is a
> > link you may also like to use:
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> > Sutras
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> > John
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> Thanks for the link.  It will be interesting to learn about Buddhism. 
> I consider myself to be atheist/agnostic, and Buddhism doesn't
> necessarily require a belief in a god or gods.  But Buddhists
> apparently still believe in an afterlife and supernatural realm.
> Vince
Actually, the afterlife and the state or realm we experience after death are 
not supernatural, but refers to actual fractally involved "coadunate but not 
consubstantial" coenergetic fields of consciousness that are as real as the 
fields of physical matter-energy we experience in life on Earth. The only 
difference is that these fields are on subtler planes of reality that science 
(string physics) now calls multidimensional fields of "hyperspace." 

So, the esoteric Buddhist concepts -- with the knowledge that consciousness, 
as the fundamental quality of eternal absolute space, never can cease to exist 
-- are far more metaphysically scientific than the physical science that 
supports atheism... But, for wrong reasons -- based on its unfounded and almost 
religiously blind belief that matter is all there is, and that consciousness, 
therefore, must be caused by it. Actually, unchanging consciousness 
(awareness, will, etc.) is far more fundamental than ever changing physical matter.

When you learn the esoteric Buddhism that Buddha taught (as outlined in the 
Secret Doctrine) and explained by the initiated Buddhist gurus, you will 
understand how scientifically realistic Buddhism really is... And, that nothing is 
"supernatural"-- except to the "scientists" and "skeptics" who can't explain 
the sometimes expressed psychic phenomena... That is nothing more than focussed 
and concentrated, mentally directed, coenergetic forces resonating between the 
fields of higher (astral) and lower (physical) consciousness. This is the 
basis of all so called "Magic," either white or black (depending on motive) 
practiced by the Adepts. HPB called it "the correlation of occult forces" -- 
which on our physical plane is expressed, analogously, as gravity, strong, weak 
and electromagnetic. Nothing "supernatural" in any of that... Although, it's 
easy to be fooled into thinking so, if one is ignorant of the true 
transcendent nature of fundamental reality -- in contrast to, yet parallel with its 
simultaneous immanent nature. 

As a theosophist however, one cannot be an "agnostic," or one who considers 
that there might be a separate God entity that is above and beyond the universe 
itself. Although, there is an admitted "Divine" or unknowable source of all 
-- that is beyond the initial fundamental space which gave birth to this 
universe... And that can never be comprehended by finite minds... But can be seen 
by the "opened eye of the Dagma," or the fully enlightened Adept -- who can 
observe it from the standpoint (center of origin) of the highest 
(frequency-energy order) cosmic spiritual field. Such Adepts are called Chohans. And, all 
of them are pantheists as well as atheists (in the sense of not believing in 
any personal God outside of fundamental conscious nature itself). 

Thus, everything in nature is conscious. And, having a "Buddha Nature" 
refers to those "enlightened" ones who realize it in themselves. In theosophy, 
this is called "self realization" or a true understanding of one's fundamental 
nature or higher consciousness as being one with all consciousness -- both 
universal and particular. Symbolically, consciousness can be likened to a point 
source of light, such as a carbon arc, that consists of infinite rays of 
photonic energy spherically radiating outward from the center... With each such 
ray having the same qualities as the central source... And, if we consider its 
"space" as being the surface of a gigantic spherical field, eventually 
returning to that source... Just as we must do at the end of our present manvantara. 

Good luck on your studies in Buddhism -- that could be greatly augmented by 
parallel studies in theosophy -- which goes much deeper than many exoteric 
Buddhist teachers, who are more interested in the dogmas, scriptures, and 
religious practices of Buddhism, rather than the scientific philosophy underlying it. 
I hope your Buddhist guru isn't one of them. :-)

For a clearer understanding of the origination of the fractally involved 
fields of consciousness and how they relate to our inner natures, see:

Best wishes, 


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