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Poles are shifting NOW

Jan 08, 2007 03:10 PM
by Cass Silva

Dear Group
Any comments?  

The Shift Is Happening - The Real Cause of Global Warming 

Gregg  Braden is probably the most recognized person who is evaluating and revealing  the scientific phenomena pointing to this shift. He became intrigued with all  this when he was working for Phillips Petroleum in the late 1970s and noticed  that the magnetics of the earth were at their lowest point in 2000 years and  decreasing at a rapid rate.

Eventually, Braden wrote a book -  Awakening to Zero Point - that documented this and other indicators of our  rapidly changing planet.

Wynn: Is it true that the magnetic poles of  the earth are in the process of
shifting right now?

Gregg: In  May-June-July of 2002, it was very well acknowledged and esteemed scientific  journals actually were saying for the first time that we are in the process of a  polar reversal.

Back in the 1960s, geologists were certain that the earth  periodically went
through a reversal. They could tell from core samples, ice  samples, and
fossils, as well as magnetized particles that were locked into  certain
positions in the rock of the earth. Geologists were so certain about  this
phenomenon that they actually mapped out the last four-and-a-half-  million
years, and the resulting records suggested that the earth has gone  through
fourteen of these polar reversals.

At that time, back in  1961 and 1962, scientists felt that the last pole
reversal occurred at about  the time of the last Ice Age, ten to twelve
thousand years ago. And they were  certain it would happen again, but not for
thousands of years, so it was  nothing to worry about.

But through the 1990s, geologists continued  to refine this kind of
information. They had been saying it took thousands of  years for this to
happen. Then they began to say, "Well, it can happen in  hundreds of years."

But now, recent evidence from some of the ice cores  in Greenland and
Antarctica say that it could happen in as little as a  decade.

But now, we know that the poles are actually moving.  We're living it right
now. We don't know exactly what that means, because  even though it's
happened fourteen times in the last four and a half million  years, it's
never happened with six billion people on the  earth.

Wynn: Are you saying that it's common  knowledge?

Gregg: It's common knowledge to people that need to know these  things. For
example, FAA regulations say that when the poles move beyond five  or eight
degrees, the runways at the airports have to be renumbered to  correlate with
the magnetic headings that the pilots are seeing. The first  airport in the
United States to comply  with this mandate was Minneapolis/ St. Paul, where
they spent something on  the order of eighty-five thousand dollars to go
through and renumber the  runway headings.But what happened in the May-June-July time frame of 2002 is  that journalssuch as Nature, Science, Scientific American, and New Scientist  released reports saying that we are definitely in the process of a magnetic  reversal,and the AP wires picked it up.

Scientists have no idea  what the impact is going to be to electronic and
electromagnetic power grids.  But even more, they don't know what it means to human immune systems.  Alternative healing modalities have shown a connection between magnetics and the  immune system, which also would imply that our immune systems could very well be  keyed into the magnetic fields of the earth.

We know that birds  and animals migrate along the lines of these magnetic
fields. So there is  speculation that the changes taking place in the
magnetic field are  responsible for the changing migratory patterns in birds
that have been  recorded in Asia and North  America.

The change in the fields also may explain why  whales are beaching
themselves. The lines of navigation that the whales have  always followed
have shifted and now lead them onto a beach. When we take  them back out into the water and set them free, they continue to align  themselves with the same magnetic lines, and in following them, they end up on  the beach again.

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So, yes, it's common  knowledge now. The most respected scientific journals
say that we're in this  shift. And even though we don't know precisely what
that means, it's  significant that it is being acknowledged in peer-review
kinds of literature,  and not just in speculative or  pseudo-scientific

Wynn: When was this magnetic  shift first acknowledged?

Gregg: It would have been in the June/July time  frame of 2002. People were
sending me emails that they had seen it, and  giving me references. I also
found references in the magazines  myself.

Wynn: Would we survive a complete pole  shift?

Gregg: Any answer to that question must of necessity lie within  the realm of
speculation, because in traditional recorded human history it's  never
happened. On the other hand, there are Native traditions and ancient  Hebrew
biblical traditions suggesting that a magnetic shift may have happened  even
more recently than the last Ice Age. That was 10,000 to 12,000 years  ago,
but these traditions suggest that the last shift may have happened  as
recently as 3,600 years ago.

Native legends speak of a day  3,600 years ago when the sun rose from the
west as it had always done,  hovered in the sky for more than a full day, and
set in the east - but the  next day, it rose in the east and set in the west,
as it does today. Hebrew  traditions speak of this event, also, saying that
it happened during a  battle. The ancient Hebrews took it as a sign that one
side was receiving  celestial assistance, because it stayed light long enough
for the battle to  complete in their favor.

We can't verify this in the rock or  fossil records, because 3,600 years is
too short a period of time for such an  event to be reflected there. All we
have to go by are traditions, legends,  and myths preserved in oral and
written documents.

What the  trandition tells us, however, is that if something like this were
to happen,  the people of the earth would live through it. It would have to
be a really  strange day to live through, but if the ancient legends are
true, it happened  and the people apparently survived. However, we don't know how it affected their  lives.

Wynn: Do you have any idea how this magnetic shift might  change

Gregg: The speculation is that there is a  correlation between consciousness
and magnetics. In order to understand how  this connection might work, it is
useful to compare it to a computor's  memory. The magnetic fields in the
memory are held in place through an  electrical charge - a trickle charge -
within the computer itself. When the  batteries in the computer die, the
charge is gone, and the memory is lost. We  have to reload the operating

Similarly, by researchers  and descendents of indigenous peoples believe that when the earth goes through  what science sees as a magnetic reversal, it
also will be a great shift and  cleansing of the earth's consciousness. There
will be nothing holding all the  magnetic patterns that have been put in
place. So when we awaken from this  shift, what becomes consciousness will be our truest nature, our truest essence.  And the memory of all of the evil or
all the bad things or all of the grudges  or the ego and we've held against
one another as individuals and nations will  not be part of that new
consciousness, that new grid.

>From  that perspective, many traditions predict, sense, or speculate that we
are  nearing a time of what they call the Great Cleansing, and that this
cleansing  is happening at a level of core memory of consciousness.

Wynn: So is  it possible to assume that in some way, our memory is connected to this magnetic  field?

More- http://www.davidick view/5014/ 48/

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