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Re: Theos-World Man to man conversation

Jan 07, 2007 05:41 PM
by Cass Silva

They (our converesations) could be a goose to goose thing for all I care.  


cardosoaveline <> wrote:                                  
 It is not uncommon men call each other gays or girls in coarse 
 jokes. It seems this is what you are doing.  Our conversations seems 
 to be a man-to-man,  and  not very polite  thing...   :-) 
 --- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
 > HiChristina,
 > This implies that Jake does in fact have a problem with his 
 sexuality.  I think as outsiders no one can know this, and I am not 
 even sure what a problem with sexuality means as we are what we are, 
 the problem arises from society labelling such nonsense as right or 
 wrong moral behaviour.  However based on your hypothesis, perhaps 
 Carlos needs to accept the male in himself?
 > Cass

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