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Independent Students & the Theosophical Movement

Jan 07, 2007 12:06 PM
by danielhcaldwell

One such independent student and researcher was Walter A. Carrithers, 
Jr.  Another one is Richard Robb....

Mr. Carrithers did excellent research on the Hodgson-Coulomb-
Patterson material and he also did similar research on later claims 
of Leadbeater, Judge, Tingley, Crosbie, etc. 

He was NOT a member of any of the existing Theosophical groups and 
was a totally independent student. He questioned the claims of all 
the existing Theosophical groups.

Some of his findings and views in this regards will be published in 
the future.

See his writings on and defenses of Blavatsky at:

I am trying to compile right now a book of Mr. Carrithers unpublished 
writings which will supplement and complement his OBITUARY book on 
the Hodgson Report.

I also approach Theosophy and the Theosophical Movement as an 
independent thinker and student. 

My focus has been on Blavatsky --- her writings, the writings of her
Teachers, the history of her life, that is, material that helps one
to understand not only the teachings but the life, claims and work
of HPB. 

As to any of the claims, teachings and groups existing AFTER 1891, I 
view them all with a healthy dose of skepticism...trying to have an 
open mind but also asking hard questions...CERTAINLY MY ASSOCIATION 
with Walter Carrithers helped me to see the need for such an approach.

I view all existing theosophical groups with some reservation.
Certainly each of them has wonderful resources available, such as
libraries of books, publishing programs, etc. 

Furthermore, I am convinced that the vast majority of people in all 
these groups are good sincere people...seekers of truth. 

But having said that, I do not mean that I accept without question 
the various claims, etc. that have been made since 1891 by the 
various leaders whether from the three major theosophical groups 
today or other defunct groups such as Hargrove's TS, etc. 


In light of all the conflicting claims and counterclaims
it is certainly wise to approach ALL such claims made by whomever
with healthy skepticism and hard questions.

That is my approach. I don't expect anyone else to hold my view.
People can believe or disbelieve in whatever as they so choose.


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