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Electromagnetic Waves

Jan 07, 2007 11:10 AM
by carlosaveline


"Amateur radio operators make use of the special properties of electromagnetic waves. These vibrations are invisible to us and propagate through space, many traveling an immense distance through the cosmos. The fascinating thing is that others can receive these signals if they tune their radio to the right frequency. If they tune it wrongly, the vibrations will seem nonexistent, inaudible and undetected. Such vibrations are reminiscent of the hidden wisdom to be found in theos­ophy, in that such ideas can only be understood if our intuition is properly tuned. If this is not the case, the ideas remain beyond our grasp. A different truth may then exist for us — or are certain facts simply unknowable? Does that mean they don’t exist?" 
To read more of this article by Ad J. van Dijk in "Sunrise",  click at


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