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Jan 07, 2007 11:00 AM
by cardosoaveline


"Where do we come from? The origin of humanity is one of the most 
profound questions faced in religious, philosophic, and scientific 
inquiry. Are we another expression of the impersonal laws of nature, 
acting blindly to produce a random result called mankind? Or did a 
supernatural being will us into existence perfectly formed and 
complete as we are now? These and many other theories have been 
advanced to explain our presence here on earth. To me it seems 
sensible that we have the same origin as everything else. The 
ultimate source of existence is non-existence. We see this idea in 
Genesis, where it is expressed as darkness covering the face of the 
deep. I take this to mean that before the universe manifested, there 
was non-manifestation. That which resulted in manifested existence 
cannot be described in any word or thought that we could possibly 
know or imagine. A common metaphor for this rootless root or 
unknowable causeless cause is infinite space  symbolically 
expressed as darkness, devoid of any condition or attribute. But the 
space referred to is not the three-dimensional space of our senses. 
It is infinite in the sense that it is not large or small, hot or 
cold, light or dark. The vacuum of modern atomic physics, which can 
spontaneously produce physical particles that appear apparently out 
of non-being only to vanish again instantly, is a suggestive simile. 
Yet any name or concept attached to this non-existing void can never 
describe it, for it is not an "it" of any kind that we could 
possibly imagine."



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