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Loyolian Techniques Online

Jan 07, 2007 09:31 AM
by cardosoaveline


Here, below,  we have again the same Loyolian technique of taking a 
small detail our of context,  and discussing it extensively, in 
order to hide from the real issue. 

Loyolian disciples are trained in that kind of "theological" 


--- In, "danielhcaldwell" 
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Let me just take one of Paul Johnson's
> comments about me and look at it in some
> detail to see if there is any substance to it.
> Paul Johnson once wrote about me:
> ==========================================================
> I have been the most frequent "beneficiary"
> of such treatment from Caldwell, who has delighted in stirring up
> fundamentalist Theosophists into rage against my books.
> ==========================================================
> In this one sentence written by Mr. Johnson, there are alot 
> of assumptions!!  These appear to be:
> (1)  I was delighted....
> (2)  My intent was aimed at "fundamentalist Theosophists".
> (3)  I wanted to create a "rage" against his books.
> etc. etc.
> Look at all of his piled on top of another.
> I ask readers:  isn't all of the above simply an example of Mr. 
> Johnson's projecting his own ideas on to what I was doing?  I 
> actually don't know where he got these ideas from...maybe from 
> the "ether"!  But they certainly don't reflect what I was doing or 
> thinking....
> In my published essays and in my postings on Theos-Talk, etc., I 
> always tried to deal with the substance of his statements, thesis, 
> assertions, etc. concerning HPB's Masters.
> See my essays at:
> Apparently Mr. Johnson was more interested in talking about me 
> in discussing or elucidating his own ideas about HPB's Masters.  
> Why?  
> My sole interest was in Mr. Johnson's books and his statements 
> therein about HPB and the Masters.  But for reasons best known to 
> Johnson he wanted to change the subject to me.
> See my essays at <>, that 
> the focus on my interest and attention and to this day I could 
> less about Mr. Johnson himself.  I have no interest in him or his 
> psychology, his motives, etc.  But his books are still out there 
> available and to this day I receive from time to time inquiries 
> readers asking for input about his books and the statements he 
> about the Masters.
> And I would think that Mr. Carlos Aveline who apparently portrays 
> himself as a great defender of Madame Blavatsky and the Masters 
> show MORE INTEREST in correcting the misleading ideas promoted in 
> Johnson's books than in combatting my efforts to promote HPB and 
> Masters.  Unfortunately, Mr. Aveline devotes 1000 times more 
> in combatting my Blavatsky work than combatting the misleading 
> found in Mr. Johnson's work and books which are to be found in 
> hundreds of libraries in the world and available through a major 
> publisher and, etc.
> Strange....
> Daniel

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