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Jan 07, 2007 09:33 AM
by carlosaveline


Love is a powerful energy -- and of decisive importance. Once perverted, it is the source of deeply negative karma.  Once directed to self-sacrifice and spiritual altruism, it is the source of great inner joy. Hence esoteric philosophy teaches its students to live in moderation in all matters relating to the lower quaternary, and to transfer consciousness to higher levels of perception. 

HPB wrote:

""How wise and grand, how far-seeing and morally beneficent are the laws of Manu on connubial life, when compared with the license tacitly allowed to man in civilized countries.  That those laws have been neglected for the last two milenniums does not prevent us from admiring their forethought. The Brahmin was a 'grihasta', a family man, till a certain period of his life, when, after begetting a son, he broke with married life and became a chaste Yogi."
("The Secret Doctrine", vol. II, p. 411, fn) 

This is the general direction clearly indicated in the HPB's  books and writings and in the "Mahatma Letters". 

Each nation, society and civilization which  chose to ignore the  lessons of Universal Ethics had to face in due time the natural results of such a decision ;  and the same happened to every individual. 

The old Biblic story of Sodoma and Gomorra seems to be a rather updated metaphor,  these days.

Regards,  Carlos. 

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