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Take Just One of Paul Johnson's Comments

Jan 07, 2007 09:20 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Let me just take one of Paul Johnson's
comments about me and look at it in some
detail to see if there is any substance to it.

Paul Johnson once wrote about me:

I have been the most frequent "beneficiary"
of such treatment from Caldwell, who has delighted in stirring up
fundamentalist Theosophists into rage against my books.

In this one sentence written by Mr. Johnson, there are alot 
of assumptions!!  These appear to be:

(1)  I was delighted....

(2)  My intent was aimed at "fundamentalist Theosophists".

(3)  I wanted to create a "rage" against his books.

etc. etc.

Look at all of his piled on top of another.

I ask readers:  isn't all of the above simply an example of Mr. 
Johnson's projecting his own ideas on to what I was doing?  I 
actually don't know where he got these ideas from...maybe from 
the "ether"!  But they certainly don't reflect what I was doing or 

In my published essays and in my postings on Theos-Talk, etc., I 
always tried to deal with the substance of his statements, thesis, 
assertions, etc. concerning HPB's Masters.

See my essays at:

Apparently Mr. Johnson was more interested in talking about me than 
in discussing or elucidating his own ideas about HPB's Masters.  

My sole interest was in Mr. Johnson's books and his statements 
therein about HPB and the Masters.  But for reasons best known to Mr. 
Johnson he wanted to change the subject to me.

See my essays at <>, that was 
the focus on my interest and attention and to this day I could care 
less about Mr. Johnson himself.  I have no interest in him or his 
psychology, his motives, etc.  But his books are still out there and 
available and to this day I receive from time to time inquiries from 
readers asking for input about his books and the statements he makes 
about the Masters.

And I would think that Mr. Carlos Aveline who apparently portrays 
himself as a great defender of Madame Blavatsky and the Masters would 
show MORE INTEREST in correcting the misleading ideas promoted in 
Johnson's books than in combatting my efforts to promote HPB and the 
Masters.  Unfortunately, Mr. Aveline devotes 1000 times more effort 
in combatting my Blavatsky work than combatting the misleading ideas 
found in Mr. Johnson's work and books which are to be found in 
hundreds of libraries in the world and available through a major 
publisher and, etc.




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