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Jan 07, 2007 09:02 AM
by cardosoaveline


These two earlier postings in Theos-talk -- one by Jerry Hejka-
Ekins, the other by MKR -- add valuable information and perspective 
to the "mystery" of David Green and other false persons, who have 
been active and present in the recent history of the theosophical 

Perhaps Mr. Caldwell will have a desire to clarify the issue this 

Regards, Carlos. 


The Caldwell-Green-Hobbs question
Feb 24, 2006 02:00 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Dear Ramadass, Friends,

One doesn't need a computer to analyze and identify patterns in 
written discourse. Anyone who has taken a course in literary 
criticism and analysis already has been taught the basic tools they 
need to do this on their own. 
Personally, I began to suspect that David Green and Daniel Caldwell 
were the same persons shortly after Green entered the discussion 
group. My suspicions were partially based upon my own analysis of 
these discourse patterns. My suspicions were also based upon clues I 
had previously picked up from dozens of phone conversations with 
Dan, email exchanges, a four hour meeting my wife and I had with him 
in Tucson (years before the incidents in question), and because of 
certain information he had volunteered in confidence.

Paul Johnson did his own investigation and independently noted some 
of the same patterns I had previously noticed, and made further 
matches to the Hobbs material. Paul's independent analysis, along 
with the IP evidence, has made, in my mind, a compelling case for 
the common identity of the three personae. Further, Dan's defensive 
message a few months ago, addressing the subject of pseudonyms, in 
my mind, pushed the evidence beyond any reasonable doubt. Not 
because of what he specifically wrote, but because of omissions and 
the way he modified certain information which I also have first hand 
I remained silent on this matter because I anticipated that if I 
spoke up, my doing so would merely draw ridicule, accusations 
concerning my motive, and solve nothing. Accordingly, Paul Johnson, 
in stepping forward with his evidence, took a huge personal risk in 
doing so. Regardless of one's opinion concerning the Caldwell-Green-
Hobbs identity I feel that we need to recognize and appreciate the 
risk Paul had taken by coming forward. 
May I also add that while Dan's guilt or innocence is unprovable in 
any absolute sense of the term, this situation is an apt warning 
that we would do well to give serious thought to what can be done in 
order to make this discussion board a productive and progressive one 
for the advancement and deepening of our common interest in 
Theosophy and the Theosophical Movement. My hope is that theos-talk 
becomes a place where we all may better exchange knowledge and 
insights in an atmosphere of respect, and where all participants may 
feel safe in doing so.

Best Wishes,

M K Ramadoss wrote:

Couple of days ago while watching the Court Channel on TV, I noticed 
existence of a computer program which analyzes writings to determine 
if two
sets of doucuments were written by the same person. The program 
analyzes the
vocabulary and the usage of verbs and nouns etc to detect patterns 
will lead to identification of the author of documents. It is being 
used to
solve criminal cases. Someone in law enforcement may know more about 
Then we can use the program to solve the issue of authorship in 


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