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Re: Theos-World Here is the story of the "silent editing" of my book

Jan 06, 2007 05:34 PM
by samblo

  Thanks for your post and comments. Carlos being compulsive/obsessive in his 
desire to malign you by any means continues to discredit himself. And now the 
ULT before the world itself by presuming to act as it sole agent apparently. 
He is the worst enemy to happen to the ULT that I know of. I had an uninformed 
knowledge of the ULT but nonetheless not a negative opinion of it, but 
consequential to Carlos assuming the Cloak of Authority of the ULT with the apparent 
approval of same, I cannot ever entertain the same moderate opinion I once 
had of the ULT which was largely based on my deep respect of Dallas Tenbroek 
formerly of this Forum. Their silence is deafening. What a disappointment!

  Although he made cursory indication the Pelletier FIRST made POSITIVE 
comments of your Book which he maligns, he has never once posted even one of 
Pelletier's POSITIVE comments, so obsessive is his blind momentum to cause injury to 
another valuable human being. While at the same time he delivers lectures and 
quotes on the need to "Balance" all things. 
  I desire to see the POSITIVE comments Pelletier made of your Book also, 
what were they? How many? What contrast would they evoke if they were shown 
without the maligned distortions that Carlos provides along with his lies and 
fabricated speculations?
  Can Carlos be believed after all the lies and distortions he posts here? I 
can no longer grant that privileged to him, he has zero credibility for me.
  Pelletier made a clear literary distinction between the "Formal Literary 
Protocols" followed by Scholars and the Book written by Daniel. Both Pelletier 
and Daniel say the same thing, that Daniel's book was not written to follow the 
rigid established Formal Literary Protocol of Scholars that Pelletier and the 
Scholars of the world are bound over to implement in works that present to 
their Peers. Daniel states this openly on his book and made no secret of it to 
anyone in the entire world! A fact Carlos consistently goes amnesiac over, what 
"fakery" Carlos engages in! While he knows no one has proven Mr. Green is 
Daniel his fraudulent accusations now malign the ULT when he says so.  Daniel had 
answered Carlos many, many times on this very Forum and each and every time 
Carlos fails to receive the legitimate answer of Daniel, preferring the lie to 
the truth each and every time. Sorry you will never be credible to me Carlos! 
Some times I wonder if you might really be Paul Johnson using a fake name lol. 
BTW, I have been on this Forum since 1999 and your the worst example of a 
Theosophist I have seen here based on your actions. No one, not any other person 
except you Carlos in the entire time I have been here has stooped to such 
actions as you and you say you are only here to practice your English? Around 
every flower is twined a serpent named Carlos. Make more enemies here Carlos your 
work is far from complete.


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