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Honest and reliable statements?????????

Jan 06, 2007 02:19 PM
by danielhcaldwell

First part of today, Mr. Aveline writes on Theos-Talk:

All I did was to bring here the testimony of a most respected
theosophist and author, Mr. Ernest Pelletier, who wrote that it
is "no practical" to quote from the texts Mr. Caldwell presents as
authentic, in his website or websites.

And later in the day Mr. Aveline writes:

Ernest Pelletier did not comment Caldwell's website. And there was no 
need for that.  
However, I would welcome any direct commentary from Pelletier or 
Bruce on the "reliability" of Caldwell's "editorial work", in the 

Is Mr. Aveline providing readers here with honest, accurate and 
reliable statements?????????

Which statement do you believe?  Which statement is true?

The statement by Aveline earlier in the day or the one later in the 


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