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Jan 06, 2007 02:02 PM
by carlosaveline


"The seeds of wisdom are the immortal and eternal ideas of all ages,  given out by the Great Teachers to humanity. They have appeared, disappeared and reappeared in the world of mortals at different times and places, clothed in different languages and different forms suited to the needs of the people. They have been given out time and again, but such is the frailty of human nature that they are soon forgotten and the mighty art of life gets lost. People first get slack in application, then careless, indifferent and lazy, and somehow prefer to drift along in the ocean of ordinary existence rather than to set sail according to right principles in the direction of the haven of peace and concord."

"Just as it is not possible for ordinary seeds to grow in a barren soil or a ground full of weeds, so also with the seeds of Wisdom. They can only fructify in a soil well cultivated and well nurtured with daily efforts along the right lines. There must be first the awareness that such seeds exist, then there must be the inner urge and yearning to acquire them. Once acquired, they cannot be neglected or misused for selfish purposes."

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Regards,  Carlos. 

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