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Re: My Drug-free Trance Method For Consciousness Expansion

Jan 06, 2007 12:04 PM
by Vince

Thank you, Konstantin.  I got your email.  That's very interesting 
about the astronauts.  I guess they wouldn't have to conform to 8-hour 
sleep blocks being out in space.


--- In, "Konstantin Zaitzev" 
<kay_ziatz@...> wrote:
> --- In, "Vince" <vblaz2004@> wrote:
> Dear Vince,
> > But I will sometimes split my 8-hour sleep block
> > into two 4-hour sleep blocks
> Many years ago, probably when I was still a schoolboy, I've read 
> somewhere about the American astronauts who used 4-hour cycle for 
> sleeping during the flight.
> One of them has reported that he watched an angel in the space. Then 
> NASA had to abandon this system and no more angels were discovered.
> P.S. Read also my message by email.

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