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"Fake": What does that mean? and other questions

Jan 06, 2007 09:14 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Concerning Volume III of THE SECRET DOCTRINE published
in 1897, we find the following statement recently posted
on Theos-Talk:

...No Theosophical group now, and not Theosophical Publishing House, 
re-edits or works with the fake third volume of Annie Besant....

As to Annie Besant's SD, of course, not all of its "third volume" is 
useless ; and the good material which was used in it has been 
properly published by Boris de Zirkoff.

Now what does the writer mean by the word "fake"?  
In what way is the 3rd volume fake?

Moving on....

What part of the volume was "useless"?

And what "good material" was used by Mr. de Zirkoff?

Furthermore, what does PROPERLY published really mean?

I have already detailed what Mr. de Zirkoff did with
52 sections (or chapters) covering 432 pages of text in
Volume III.

40 of these sections or chapters of the SD Vol. III were SIMPLY
transferred by Mr. Boris de Zirkoff into HPB's COLLECTED WRITINGS
(most of them into Vol. XIV).

It should be clearly stated here that the ONLY EXISTING copies of
these 40 sections are the printed version found in SD Vol. III.

Mr. de Zirkoff had NO OTHER versions of these 40 sections to rely on
or work with.

So it will be interesting to see how the writer is using
the words "PROPERLY published".

My conclusion still is valid:

HPB's COLLECTED WRITINGS Vol. 14 is heavily dependent
on Annie Besant's 3rd Volume (1897) of the SD.

For other details, see:


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