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To Bruce McDonald and Ernest Pelletier: Is this True??

Jan 06, 2007 08:36 AM
by danielhcaldwell

I do not know if Bruce MacDonald or Ernest
Pelletier reads any of the posting on Theos-Talk.
But if one of them reads this one, I ask that they
write me either on this forum or thru my email
address confirming or denying what is stated in
the following statement.  As far as I know Ernest
Pelletier has never said or written what is stated
below.  The statement in question is given below:

All I did was to bring here the testimony of a most respected 
theosophist and author, Mr. Ernest Pelletier, who wrote that it 
is "no practical" to quote from the texts Mr. Caldwell presents as 
authentic, in his website or websites.


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