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Unreliable Archives Online

Jan 06, 2007 06:59 AM
by carlosaveline


I haven't had the time to examine Mr. Caldwell's or Mr. Green's websites. 

All I did was to bring here the testimony of a most respected theosophist and author, Mr. Ernest Pelletier, who wrote that it is "no practical" to quote from the texts Mr. Caldwell presents as authentic, in his website or websites. 

Ernest Pelletier wrote in FOHAT that Mr. Caldwell is threatening the accuracy of theosophical records and literature, in his area of influence. 

I would recommend websites which have a commitment to some "organic" part of the theosphical movement, so that you know where they stand. 

Mr. Caldwel criticizes, or  attacks,  every single Theosophical group, although using various false names; he supports no one, among theosophical groups.  

He sows dissention and  gossips ; no one knows where he stands or what he stands for.  

No surprise his website is not reliable. 

Regards,  Carlos.  

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