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On A Fake S.D. And More

Jan 06, 2007 06:33 AM
by carlosaveline


The view of Theosophy Company (ULT) with regard to Annie Besant's
so-called "third volume" of  "The Secret Doctrine" is essencially the same as the view of Pasadena TS, Boris de Zirkoff and every HPB student.

No Theosophical group now, and not Theosophical Publishing House, re-edits or works with the fake third volume of Annie Besant. 

So the ULT, the Pasadena TS, the Point Loma groups, the Edmonton Theosophical Society AND THE ADYAR THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY itself all use and promote but the original edition of the SD.

It is a proof that there is "intelligent life' in the Adyar TS.

As the Collected Writings are another evidence ; and the books by Sven Eek and G. Barborka published there; and so on. 

So what is the "political force" that promotes the fancy according to which Annie Besant's edition is authentic? It must be the same "political force" which promotes dissension among different theosophical groups; the same "political force" which promotes the use of false names and "aliases"; the same "political force" which circulates slanders against the main founder of the movement ; the same "political force" which uses the technique of infiltrating before attacking, and then 'attacking from within'. 

I should think more about that and try to test and elaborate the above elements of information.  

As to Annie Besant's SD,  of  course, not all of its "third volume" is useless ; and the good material which was used in it has been better edited and properly published by Boris de Zirkoff in the 'Collected Writings'.   

Regards,   Carlos. 

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