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Jan 06, 2007 05:25 AM
by carlosaveline

The energy of Love has to do with Kundalini ;  and Kundalini – the vertical currents of life-magnetism in every individual –  is a decisive factor in the determination of one’s  “destiny” or Karma.  
Such a force as Love should not be wasted, therefore ;  as effects will follow to its good or bad management. 
This is no false morality sermon.  Each being is born with a certain potentiality in terms of life-energy. The question is how to use it.  Wise people direct the focus of Love towards the universal aspects of Life. Foolish people get entangled in the world of senses.  Most people are combinations of wisdom and foolishness, and Theosophy aims at making wisdom have a growing  weight in the practical lives of people.  
It is because of the challenge raised  by the need to adequately manage the energy of  love that  H.P.B. wrote, while  discussing the work of the U.S. feminist and reformer Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927) :
“If she indeed preached free love, she only preached woman’s damnation. If she merely tore down social veils, and rifled whited sepulchres,  she did the human race a service. Man has fallen to so material a plane that it is impossible to supress sexual passion – but its exaltation  is manifestly his ruin.” (1) 
Love  energy should not be wasted away.  Not even animals to that, as their  lives are wisely regulated in moderation by Nature itself,  and they do not depend on individual self-regulation. It is humans who have to learn the lesson of how to use their free will with wisdom and thus preserve life-energy.    
While referring to spiritualists, HPB adds:  
“Some openly advocated  sexual freedom, and were surrounded by influences of the most dangerous order. The peace and happiness of many a home have been wrecked by these teachings,  never more to return. They wrecked the weak and unwary, who reaped hours of agony, and whom the world falsely regarded as wicked.” (2) 
A few sentences after that, HPB writes: 
“The apotheosis of passion, from the bitter fruit of which man has everlasting need to be redeemed,  is the surest sign of moral degradation. Liberty to love according to the impulse of the senses, is the most profound slavery. From the beginning nature has hedged that pathway with disease and death. Wretched as are countless marriages, vile as are  the man-made laws which place marriage on the lowest plane, the salvation of  free love is the whisper of the snake anew in the ear of the modern Eve.” (3) 
It would be wrong to say that HPB is being superficial here. Or that she is writing out of  “Victorian prejudices”.  
The misuse of that degree of Kundalini energy which human beings have nowadays at their disposal has provoked the fall of many a society and civilization, and not only of individual families, marriages and lives.  Atlantis is no exception to the rule. The wiser control of life-energies  corresponds to the rising cycle of civilizations. 
Of course, neurotic puritanism can only lead to disaster, and it is  the work of dogmatic and ritualistic churches.  Raja Yoga, Jnana  Yoga (Dzyan, Chan, Zen ),   Esoteric Philosophy and Theosophy teach but calm moderation and true self-knowledge ;  that  knowledge which the lower self acquires about his only true Master,  the Higher Self, which is in harmony with the essence of all beings in the universe. 
The fall of civilization has to do with their ethical failure at individual, collective, social, political and environmental levels.  And such an ethical failure  results from the exaltation of  animal passions in their citizens. We can see this by looking  the human societies of the beginning of the 21st century.  
Yet each one of us can choose to act acording to his best knowledge and conscience – or to be carried away by Fashion and Ignorance.  Each one is the chief executive officer  (C.E.O.) of his own life-energy. He can work wisely, within his limits,  if he wants to.  
Regards,  Carlos. 
(1) “Modern Apostles and Pseudo-Messiahs”, in “The Collected Writings of H. P. Blavatsky”, TPH, volume XII, 1987, 860 pp., see pp. 257-258. 
(2) “Modern Apostles and Pseudo-Messiahs”, in “The Collected Writings of H. P. Blavatsky”, TPH, volume XII, see p. 258. 
(3) “Modern Apostles and Pseudo-Messiahs”, in “The Collected Writings of H. P. Blavatsky”, TPH, volume XII, see p. 259. 

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