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Re: Sanskrit

Jan 05, 2007 08:13 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Ton den Hartog" <tonh@...> wrote:

> Maybe I should use Unicode for all special characters,
> including Greec Hebrew etc

For Hebrew it's probably the only decision. As for Greek, the font 
"Symbol" can be used. Some insist on abstruse diacritics in Greek, but 
as far I know they had nothing of that kind in ancient times, from 
where most terms used by HPB come.
If you want to use all the Sanskrit discritics you surely have to use 
unicode but HPB herself didn't necessary use all of that; probably in 
modern editions all transliterations are modernized.

The method which I used (through clipboard to MS Word) retains 
original font assignations and needs installation of some original 
> Interesting, this looks like 2 variations already :-(((

Another S (w/reversed ^) is used in Chech, Latvian and some other 
languages but not in Sanskrit, so there will no confusion.

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