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Re: Theos-World Re: Sanskrit

Jan 05, 2007 07:45 AM
by Ton den Hartog

> retain S with ' above (S will work satisfactory instead of it) and

Interesting, this looks like 2 variations already :-(((

Maybe I should use Unicode for all special characters, including Greec Hebrew etc ? The negative side is that on a browser without those "fonts" installed you will see nothing... But if you didn't install it you probably dont care. Also look at these
Unicode 0x0xxx range
Unicode 0x1xxx range
Unicode 0x2xxx range
Unicode 0x3xxx range
Unicode 0x4xxx range
Unicode 0x5xxx range
Unicode 0x6xxx range
Unicode 0x7xxx range
Unicode 0x8xxx range
Unicode 0x9xxx range
Unicode 0xAxxx range
Unicode 0xBxxx range
Unicode 0xCxxx range
Unicode 0xDxxx range
Unicode 0xExxx range
Unicode 0xFxxx range

in this page :

This is clearly an area in computerland where some progress is to be made, and Unicode is the way top go I think

Please comment.


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  From: Konstantin Zaitzev 
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  Subject: Theos-World Re: Sanskrit

  Dear Ton,

  --- In, "Ton den Hartog" <tonh@...> wrote:

  > Often these characters did not convert right and I personally 
  > find Sanskrit words already difficult enough to remember without all 
  stat stuff.
  > Would it harm the recognizability of these words a lot if I
  > would replace them with a version without the decorations?

  Generally no, with two exceptions. I would be very desirable to
  retain S with ' above (S will work satisfactory instead of it) and
  also A with _ above (often changed by , A with ^ in the old
  books). Both these characters are available in standard western
  character set, I hope that you could see them in my message well.
  S gives quite different sound, while  sometimes changes
  meaning (more often a form) of the word.

  By the way, I have prepared 7th vol with satisfactory formatting
  and half of 6th, though I have no possibility ti send it earlier that
  after several days. I very glad that our efforts to persuade TPH
  finally ended with success.


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