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On Real Learning

Jan 05, 2007 07:01 AM
by cardosoaveline


Learning Theosophy is not a task for the superficial and 
materialistic mind. 

An article in "The Theosophical Movement" magazine (ULT, 
Mumbai,India) starts with this quotation from "The Voice of the 

"Having become indifferent to objects of perception, the pupil must 
seek out the Rajah of the senses, the Thought-Producer, he who 
awakes illusion....
When to himself his form appears unreal, as do on waking all the 
forms he sees in dreams;
When he has ceased to hear the many, he may discern the ONE—the 
inner sound which kills the outer....
Before the Soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the 
Silent Speaker be united....
For then the Soul will hear, and will remember.
And then to the inner ear will speak—THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE."

And then the text opens: 

"It is round these few lines that the student of Theosophy must 
build his resolve, his course of conduct and his daily spiritual 
exercise. His efforts have to be concentrated towards one objective 
only—that he may discern the ONE—the inner sound which kills the 
outer. If this were beyond the capacity of the aspirant, the 
instruction would not have been worded in the manner in which it 
stands today. In fact, unless the few directions contained in these 
verses are followed, the rest of the book will have hardly anything 
to offer. It is only to those who try to become indifferent to 
objects of perception and who persist in the endeavour as year piles 
upon year that the message of the spiritual life comes loud and 

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