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Methods of Learning

Jan 05, 2007 06:50 AM
by cardosoaveline


"Why has there been a long succession of prophets, teachers and 
spiritual leaders in the world, all teaching the selfsame truth 
about man's origin, his mission and his destiny? The answer is 
simple: We all forget, and our way of learning, like Nature's way of 
teaching, isórepetition, repetition, repetition. When we understand 
that this is the only way any being learnsónot through a long 
succession of unrelated experiences but through a continual 
repetition of the same lesson, then perhaps we can understand better 
why our progress is through repeated lives on earth."

"Anybody can easily verify for himself or herself that even with the 
best of intentions to be accurate, to get correctly what is offered 
to us, and to transmit correctly what we have received, such is the 
nature of our mind at the present stage of evolution that it is 
almost impossible for us to get anything straight and to transmit it 
to another exactly as we received it. There is a game that children 
play: they arrange themselves in a circle and then someone whispers 
a story to the next one, and the second child whispers it to the 
third as faithfully as he can, and so on, each repeating it to the 
one sitting next to him. The last child then has to tell the story 
out aloud, and the way that tale gets twisted and gains and loses in 
the telling affords an illustration of how the teachings of 
spiritual teachers get distorted in the progress of time."


Regards,  Carlos. 

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