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Before 'Adopting' Caldwell

Jan 05, 2007 06:04 AM
by cardosoaveline


Before suddenly adopting Mr. Caldwell as his role-model for attacks 
against ULT and Pasadena TS, Jake had also this to say about 
Calwellian under cover activities.  See below.

People do change!!


Re Using pen-names

Using pen-names for writing articles 
I think is OK, and common practice. I 
think HPB used "Radai Bai"(?) for writing 
"The Caves and Jungles of Hindustan" for 
a Russian paper, or otherwise. Judge 
used them too. This is an innocent 
practice, directly related to article 
& book writing. But it is not the same 
thing as using a phoney name to harrass 
people, that you would not risk doing 
with your real name.

Pen-names can be used for financial 
and personal protection. If someone 
thinks there is not persecution of 
theosophists, then he is just blind or 
naive. Carrithers (Adalai Waterman), 
had his house attacked by armed men, 
Endersby had someone try to run him 
off the road (explained in "Theosophical 
Notes"), and there are endless cases 
never reported. This can all be explained 
away, to coincidences, etc. - but the 
real reason is that there are different 
spheres of influence in occult nature. 
If you attract the attention of the 
wrong influences, strange things can 
happen. The half-wit that attacks you 
doesn't know why - he just knows "I 
just don't like that guy!" 
Anita Atkins also originally used her
real name in some Blavatsky defense work
(as appearing in 60's "Theosophical Notes.")
(repost below)

- jake j.


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