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"Ray Morgan"

Jan 05, 2007 05:58 AM
by cardosoaveline

Dear Friends, 

This is about  Ray Morgan, the author of the 1976 
pamphlet "Misleading Mayavic Ideations,  the Neotheosophy of of C. 
W. Leadbeater and  Annie Besant".  

Someone told me that in later years, after being a Blavatsky student 
for some time,  Ray had financial problems and preferred to seek 
refuge in the headquarters of  neotheosophy. 

I am not sure about that, though. 

If anyone knows more about Ray Morgan, I would appreciate having 
further informations on such an author.  Biographical dates and  
notes, as indications of his actual existence, would be welcome. 

Thanks,  Carlos. 

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