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Re: Sanskrit

Jan 05, 2007 05:10 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Ton,

--- In, "Ton den Hartog" <tonh@...> wrote:
> Often these characters did not convert right and I personally 
> find Sanskrit words already difficult enough to remember without all 
stat stuff.
> Would it harm the recognizability of these words a lot if I
> would replace  them with a version without the decorations?

Generally no, with two exceptions. I would be very desirable to
retain S with ' above ( will work satisfactory instead of it) and
also A with _ above (often changed by , A with ^ in the old
books). Both these characters are available in standard western
character set, I hope that you could see them in my message well.
 gives quite different sound, while  sometimes changes
meaning (more often a form) of the word.

By the way, I have prepared 7th vol with satisfactory formatting
and half of 6th, though I have no possibility ti send it earlier that
after several days. I very glad that our efforts to persuade TPH
finally ended with success.

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