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"A Modern Priestess of Isis" by V. S. Solovyoff

Jan 04, 2007 05:58 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Several inquiries have been received wanting
to know where the now controversial letters
of H.P.B. to A. N. Aksakoff and V.S. Solovyoff
can be read. These letters are to be found
in V.S. Solovyoff's book titled A MODERN PRIESTESS
OF ISIS which can be purchased at:

In conjunction with this volume, one should also
read the following work:

Solovyoff's Fraud: Being a critical analysis of the
book "A Modern Priestess of Isis" translated from the
Russian of Vsevolod S. Solovyoff by Walter Leaf.
By Beatrice Hastings


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