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Konstantin on the HPB Letters

Jan 04, 2007 05:38 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

Nevertheless the Carlos' point that the letters were probably edited 
makes sense. Did these authors consider its possibility and how could 
they identify the original text and the forged places?

Concerning the letters from HPB to Aksakoff:  are these letters 
forgeries? Some parts of the letters seem quite genuine, other
parts possibly tampered with. But why completely exclude them from
Volume I as some students are advocating?

Yes, one could add commentary on these letters and that
would be helpful. But allow readers access to all this material and
let each reader make up his/her own mind.

These letters were published in Russia in 1893 and Aksakoff did not
die until 1903. During this 10 year period, I have never
discovered any communication from Aksakoff declaring that Solovyoff
had forged or tampered with the letters he had received from HPB. I
guess you could assume Aksakoff was in league with Solovyoff to
sully HPB's name but I find no evidence in support of that
contention either.  Aksakoff seems to me an honorable man.

Maybe one day the originals of these HPB letters to Aksakoff will be

I have on at least two occasions on Theos-Talk given more detail on 
how one might go about analyzing these letters.  See my posting about 
the "Letters of H.P.B. to V.S. Solovyoff: Comparing & Contrasting."  
The technique used here can be used on the Aksakoff letters.


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