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Macho... Macho Man

Jan 04, 2007 03:19 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Macho... Macho man

Carlos writes to moi (Jan. 2):

<"You should have a more manly 
perspective, a less passive one,  
and believe in Life.">

   Well, frankly, on a few occassions 
I've been about as "manly" as you can be 
and still be living.  Actually, the last 
time, I think the EMS guy murdered me, 
after getting drugged about 3 times - 
partly watched by the cops - after calling 
them every name in the book as I was 
being set up on a "single car" accident.  
Fortunately, I revived later when they 
couldn't do anything directly, as I remember 

    The thing about being "manly" is 
that there is always someone else "manlier" 
- or some 10 year old kid that steps up 
and puts you out of your misery.  Its 
just ego at base, and Nature sooner or 
later teaches you that no personal ego 
is better than any other - even if it 
has to use the bad guys to do it.  Watch
what you make fun of, as it might hasten
a karmic lesson!

         - mark r. jaqua


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