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Re: Theos-World HPB's comments on person using fictitious signature

Jan 04, 2007 02:31 PM
by M K Ramadoss

On Tonh's website, in vol I, look up item 15 under 1878. It is an article on
Indian Metaphysics.


PS: You can also google for Scrutator and find the page.


On 1/3/07, Cass Silva <> wrote:
>   Hi MKR,
> Couldn't find the paper, but I did find this.
> Cass
> Finally, and to close this too lengthy discussion, here is a citation
> showing that opinions differ on this subject and that they can be separated
> into three, diametrically opposed. It is taken from a letter from an English
> Captain in India, Mr. B—, a Theosophist and a man of intelligence.†
> . . . . . I am very sorry that you should take seriously the fiasco of the
> wretched Coulombs and the nauseating business hatched up by Mr. Hodgson for
> the Society for Psychical Research. It is only a subject for amusement to
> your friends, because it is easy to see through the story. It is exactly
> what must be expected. Messrs. Gurney and Myers launched the Psychical
> Society in the midst of a loud blowing of trumpets that was hailed by
> nothing but shouts of laughter from a mocking world. As a result, they have
> demonstrated that the public understands the matter and will not let itself
> be imposed upon. The Coulomb affair was cleared up in no time. Hodgson is
> the man of Madras: Veni, vidi, vici. He had to make his reputation at your
> expense; it was a question of life or death for him
> ––––––––––
> * Some have gone so far as to say that the astral bodies seen by numerous
> witnesses were made of inflated gold-beater's skin. —F.K.G.
> † [Probably Captain A. Banon, 39th N. I. As the whereabouts of the
> original English text of this letter are unknown, the best we can do is to
> translate into English the Editor's own French rendering of the
> original.—Compiler.]
> –––––––––––
> Page 344
> and the Psychical Society. It is the way of the world, and we must not
> complain of it, but rather rejoice. The Theosophical Society is purged: now
> you know who are your real friends. None but fools and the brainless pay
> attention to a Hodgson. Do you know the Catholic publication, The Month? In
> its February and March numbers that magazine gives a review of The Occult
> World and Esoteric Buddhism, and draws the conclusion that you are a
> horrible sorceress. Merciful Heavens! They evidently must laugh at Hodgson
> and his grand Report. So, you see, opinions are divided into three camps:
> the Psychical Society's party of the Russian Spy and Charlatan theory; that
> of the Holy Church—diabolical magic beloved by Des Mousseaux and De
> Mirville; and, finally, ourselves, who have retained our confidence in you
> after having read the good and the bad reports. As for myself, I have no aim
> but the pursuit of truth.*
> That is all I have to say about this concert of calumny and silly gossip
> which is becoming monotonous. I am too seriously occupied to waste my time
> answering all the wolves that bay at the moon. . . . .
> London (Maycot), June 1887.
> M K Ramadoss < <>> wrote: In pp. 326 of
> CW, Vol I, HPB mentions her being a target in a controversy by
> one who calls himself as Scrutator.
> She says "When a person enters a controversy over a fictitious signature,
> he
> should be doubly cautious, if he would avoid the accusation of abusing the
> opportunity of the mask to insult his opponents with impunity." and so
> on......
> So use of fictitious name to hide under the mask seems to be an old trick.
> In today's Internet world, there may be a higher level of temptation to
> do so.
> She then talks about getting help from Webster to get a possible clue in
> the
> pseudonym. Any one can read the full article in the online edition of CW
> at
> the url:
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