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Judges or Calumniators?

Jan 04, 2007 01:28 PM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends, 
Mr. Richard Hodgson, the author of the fake 1885 Report of the Society of Psychical Research calling H.P. Blavatsky a fraud, happened to set a general pattern later followed by researchers like John Algeo, Katinka Hesselink, Daniel Caldwell and others, who even now keep circulating the same old and proven slanders against H.P.B. 
All these people have some fundamental ground in common. They have cared  too much  for their own personal images as “scholars”, “men of science” or “scientific-minded people”. And more: they became “politically” prisoners of their outer masks and images as would-be brilliant academics, or at least as  people who have a “modern, skeptic mind, open to scientific methods”.      
In a text significantly called  “Judges or Calumniators?”, H.P.Blavatsky writes something which perfectly applies to what we see in a handful of 21st century pseudo-scholars: 
“A little logic, please, Messrs. Judges and Slanderers. How could the London Psychical Research Society pronounce in favour of all the phenomena described in ‘The Occult World’ and elsewhere without risking its title of ‘scientific’?  How would its acceptance of all that was attributed  to me by the phenomenalists have been received by the scientists who deny wholesale the existence of intelligent forces outside of man? It was a question  of life or death, of  the to be or not to be of Hamlet. (...)   One or the other: (a) either to declare publicly that the charges of the Coulomb lady were inventions (...)  and be flooded in a flood of ridicule, forever losing caste, as they say in India ; or (b) sailing with the current, it would have to  proclaim, in order to keep from sinking, that all the phenomena, the Mahâtmans and their agents, were a huge imposture.” (1) 
A deep desire to look like smart scientific guys is likely part of the motivation of our 21st century Soloviofs and Coulombs.  
This is  no true scholarship, though, and it does not help true scientific research.  
Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline  
(1) “The Collected Writings of H.P.Blavatsky”, TPH, Adyar, India/Wheaton, Ill. USA,  Volume VII, third printing,  1987, p. 335. 

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