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Jan 04, 2007 01:09 PM
by carlosaveline


Slanderers never say pure lies.  

They mix lies and true facts so that they can have an appearance of legitimacy and delude more people for a longer time. 

They infiltrate before they betray. They act under cover. 

Solovioff was no exception to the rule.  He published true letters interpolated with slanders, distorted, re-written.

Sylvia Cranston may have felt that this or that paragraph in the letters presented by Solovioff was authentic.  It was her personal option. Yet her general position as to Soloviof is most clear and she does not consider him a reliable source of  historical information. 

Her biography of HPB may have some faults and mistakes, and perhaps using Soolovioff  at all is one of them. Yet her book "HPB" is in general extremely good. 

As to D. Caldwell, his various aliases and J. Algeo -- well,  still they did  not have the nerve so far to say that Solovioff is a legitimate source of information on HPB.   



Data:Thu, 04 Jan 2007 18:44:58 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Sylvia Cranston: "...BLAVATSKY WROTE....."

> Sylvia Cranston: "...BLAVATSKY WROTE....."
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> First, let me quote a recent pronouncement given to us on Theos-Talk.
> ===========================================================
> No one, not even D. Caldwell or J. Algeo, has had the nerve to say
> that those "obviously spurious letters" (Radha's words about them) are
> legitimate.
> Historians and Scholars have no business in publicizing well-known
> lies. Only this kind of people.
> ==========================================================
> Now turn to page 173 of the latest edition of HPB: THE EXTRAORDINARY 
> LIFE AND INFLUENCE OF HELENA BLAVATSKY. Sylvia Cranston (a longtime 
> ULT associate) tells her readers:
> "In a letter to Alexander Aksakov in St. Petersburg, Russia, written 
> in April 1875...BLAVATSKY WROTE...." caps added.
> This is followed by an excerpt of Blavatsky's letter quoted from A 
> SUMMARY: Sylvia Cranston quotes from one of these supposed false
> letters to Aksakov in her HPB biography. She quotes as though the
> words in the letter are HPB's. 
> And Cranston does not warn the reader to beware of this letter or 
> other letters from HPB to Aksakov as being spurious HPB.
> Daniel

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