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Jan 04, 2007 11:32 AM
by carlosaveline

Let’s suppose there is a well-meaning theosophist here who says:  
“It is OK to defend Theosophy. But  there is no need to be loyal to other people’s lower quaternary. If liars want to  slander HPB, we have no problem with that. We are concerned with her Philosophy and Wisdom. We are not  students of her lower quaternary.”
This viewpoint may be comfortable, because it recommends us but to cowardly “wash our hands”, yet it is  false. 
There is no separation between higher triad and lower quaternary. This  illusion has been created by medieval Christian Theology. All seven principles are united although they are different, and many important lessons on Theosophy are taught by HPB’s life of altruistic sacrifice.  Uncomfortable lessons, perhaps,  but most necessary ones.  
If an alternative, fictitious and selfish HPB were to be created  by the enemies of the Wisdom,  and if theosophists were to accept HPB to be “perhaps” a false and insincere person, then all of Theosophy would be but lip service, ready to fall into ritualism, blind belief  – and hypocrisy.   
Of course, defending the truth of HPB’s decency in all of  her seven principles  does not mean to say HPB was perfect.  If she were a full Adept in the 19th century, she could not have done what she did. She was still perfecting herself,   while she served mankind.  But there is a vast  Ocean of Difference between being imperfect,  and  thus making mistakes, and being a fake or false person.  
The fact is that the actual lives of Initiates are most important parts of the Philosophy of the Wisdom.  Hence in the Third Volume of “The Secret Doctrine” –   which never appeared –    HPB would have written, as she announced, about the lives of great and wise men.  
By now, perhaps we can say that HPB’s life  can itself partially replace that third and  lost volume of the SD.  We can study this very  special “third volume” in Sylvia Cranston’s biography,  or in Jean Overton Fuller’s ; and also  in HPB’s  own writings, besides the Mahatma Letters and in the testimonies from many theosophists of her time.    
HPB’s actual life is in fact a testimony of the link between Philosophy and daily Life.  It is a strong evidence that Philosophy  is about Life, much more than it is about Words. 
When ‘clever’ scholars try to convince the public that an ethical life is not important, or when they try to use their own lies and inuendos about HPB as a proof that Theosophy is independent from Ethics, they are but trying to justify their lack of understanding, and the actual lack of decency  in their own lives.  
At the occult and magnetic level, the life-examples of HPB, Damodar Mavalankar and many other decent though imperfect theosophists make a living bridge between the public at large and the inner source of wisdom ; and  this is the  ‘unbroken link’ between theosophists as a whole and real Theosophy. 
This ‘ethical link’ is what Protagoreans have constantly attacked since 1884-85.  Since the days of Henry Sidgwick and his SPR,  Neo-Sophists  have tried to say that philosophy or wisdom is but a matter of manipulating words in a smart way.   
These people have failed already.   
Theosophy is no short-term project, and the theosophical movement is just beginning, in its own pace and rhythm and not in a hurry.   
Regards,  Carlos. 

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