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Fourth January, Occult New Year

Jan 04, 2007 10:34 AM
by carlosaveline

>From the viewpoint of esoteric philosophy, January 4th should not be forgotten with regard to the entrance into a new year. 
HPB wrote: 
“ ... It  is January the 4th which ought to be selected by the Theosophists – the esotericists especially –  as their New Year. January is under the sign of Capricornus, the mysterious  Makara of the hindu mystics – the ‘Kumaras’, it being stated, having being incarnated in  mankind under the tenth sign of the Zodiac. For ages the 4th of January has been sacred to Mercury-Budha, or Thot-Hermes. Thus everything combines to make of it a festival to be held by those who study ancient Wisdom. Whether called Budh or Budhi by its Aryan name, Mercurios, the son of Caelus and Hecate truly, or of the divine (white) and infernal (black) magic, by its Hellenic, or again Hermes or Thot, its Greco-Egyptian name, the day seems in every way more appropriate for us than  January 1, the day of Janus, the double-faced  ‘god of the time’-servers.” (1)  
Regardless of its exact day,  each New Year is born under the sign of Capricorn, whose regent is Saturn. This is the planet of karma, the master of time, the builder, destroyer and rebuilder of structures both subtle and material ; the lord of the rings, the co-regent of the now dawning Aquarius Age. 
Perhaps we can  say that on January 4th the transition into a new year gets completed. 
Regards,  Carlos. 
(1) “Collected Writings”, H.P. Blavatsky, volume XII, TPH, p. 76.

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