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Re: Theos-World Re: How To Meditate

Jan 03, 2007 05:19 PM
by Mauri

>How can we suppose that half-an-hour of meditation, while spending the remaining hours the way we like, will enable us to  concentrate?>

If "the way we like" was meant as a reference to "other interests," I think that still leaves the rather interesting question of what exactly motivated one to meditate in the first place (or did meditation come in second, third, fourth or some other place in one's things-to-do list?)?   In my case, I figure since I do "just being" instead of meditation or concentration, I feel I don't have to, or maybe shouldn't have to, worry about things like "how long" and "why" and "when and "how" re "my just being"---though I might occasionally find myself waxing somewhat exoteric, sort of, maybe, when not "just being," like when dealing with ... er, reality ...

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