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Re: Theos-World Did HPB Write This Statement to A.N. Aksakoff??

Jan 03, 2007 05:00 PM
by MarieMAJ41

 Daniel, I would personally include this letter because she has written it TO ANOTHER PERSON, and has signed the letter. She did not write this to a newspaper, and therefore, we can reasonably guess that it has not been edited or altered in any way. What would you do?
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Subject: Theos-World Did HPB Write This Statement to A.N. Aksakoff??

In a letter of April 1875 to A.N. Aksakoff,
H.P. Blavatsky wrote:

I have learnt that there is no convincing people
with suspicious facts only, and also that every
genuine fact always shows some weak side or other on 
which it is easy for opponents to fasten. This is why
I have laid it down as a rule never in any case to permit
outsiders to get anything from my mediumistic powers. 
Except Olcott and two or three very intimate friends, no one
has seen what happens with me.
Quoted from Vsevolod S. Solovyoff, A MODERN PRIESTESS
OF ISIS (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1895), p. 248.

Did HPB write these words??

If you were the editor of HPB's collected letters 
would you include or exclude (remove) this letter from the volume?

What would you do and why?

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