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Re: Theos-World Leading Aspirants Nowhere

Jan 03, 2007 04:17 PM
by Cass Silva

Then perhaps Carlos "these students" are meant to learn discernment?  Daniel has done nothing morally or ethically wrong he simply published all the data. How can anyone know the authenticity of letters from over 100 years ago. Anyone who has studied HPB learns through her words, her tone.  You appear to fear that followers will be lost however you have forgotten that when the student is ready the ancient wisdom comes to them.  The last thing HPB needs is an avenging angel, you insult her and the wisdom by doing so.


carlosaveline <> wrote:                                  Dear Friends, 
 HPB wrote that some 'smart guys', unfriendly towards Theosophy,  want to get to every student interested in the Wisdom and  “amuse him with forms borrowed from the real thing but containing no substance, and all artfully contrived to lead the aspiring Neophyte to nowhere." (1) 
 It occurred to me that this is Mr. Caldwell's work, too.  
 He, Mr. David Green and his other alter egos  present the public with materials apparently taken from the theosophical movement,  but  turned into gossips and sometimes slanders, with no substance  and "leading nowhere". 
 Mr. Green,  Mr. Hobbes and Mr. Caldwell  support no section of the theosophical movement. They  attack most of theosophical groups ; but they present themselves  as  "HPB students". 
 They do so as if they, or he,   did not know that HPB created a movement to cross the centuries;  and a  movement which is  indeed crossing centuries while helping mankind liberate itself from spiritual ignorance. 
 Regards,  Carlos. 
 (1) “The Collected Writings of H.P. Blavatsky”, TPH, Adyar/Wheaton/London, volume XIV, 1985, 734 pp., see pp. 264-265. 
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