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BP Wadia on Defending Theosophy

Jan 03, 2007 03:18 PM
by carlosaveline


In recent years we have been seeing a new wave of disguised and under cover attacks against the heart and core of the theosophical movement.  

This has included the use of false names and would-be smart  slanders presented as if they were part of "normal scientific research" and indeed a proof of "scholarly excellence".  Some of these attacks have come from within the movement and with the blessings of the TPH-USA.  

Slowly the movement awakens. Yet the question of how to face attacks and slanders is not new.  

Mr. B. P. Wadia, who left the Adyar TS in July 1922 and  gave a great contribution to the spreading of the U.L.T. through different countries, wrote about the need of defending Theosophy from the various vested interests which the esoteric philosophy necessarily challenges, and their agents.  

In B. P. Wadia's excellent book "Living the Life", one can read: 

"One of the causes which led to the disruption of the forces drawn together by H. P. B. in her body politic of Theosophy was the failure of those who surrounded her to support the movement against the criticism of an opposing world. Another aspect of the same feature was responsible for the disintegration which followed the death of Mr. W. Q. Judge."

And B. P. Wadia goes on: 

"The power of faith which is in us can be truly gauged by the strength with which we defend it against attack. What our faith really means to us is shown by our power to sacrifice on its behalf.  To walk by our Goddess of Faith when she is popular, to follow her as she trails in glory an acclaimed heroine, to take pride in her name and fame,is no proof that we are her true votaries. When she is defamed and despised, when all that men throw at her are scorn and contempt, when dressed in rags she walks unnoticed or abused -- in that hour the heart meets its true test.  To defend what we hold to be true at any cost, and defend it with justice to our own convictions as well as sympathy for the sincere beliefs of other men, is an experience wich every human soul has to pass through."(1) 

We are just starting to see that happen once again.  It's a healthy thing to see. 

Regards,  Carlos. 


(1) "Living the Life", by B. P. Wadia, Indian Institute of World Culture, Bangalore, 1981, 158 pp., see p. 07. 

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