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Re: How To Meditate

Jan 03, 2007 10:33 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

> H.P.B. warns us of the dangers of "sitting for development"

The anonymous author probably somewhat misunderstood HPB. Certainly 
meditation is not without its dangers but the "sitting for 
development" is a spiritualistic term and means particular practice 
clearly described in the spiritualistic literature and having not much 
in common with meditation.
While almost any meditation is connected with setting the mind under 
control, the "sitting for development [of mediumship]" is rather 
letting the body and mind out of control to enable the spirits 
manifest through it.
In HPB's times it scarcely required any additional explanation, while 
some modern theosophists have vague conception about literature and 
practice of spiritualism.

> How can we suppose that half-an-hour of meditation, while
> spending the remaining hours the way we like, will enable us to 

Some authors say that it's enough, the key is regularity. The too long 
meditation for a beginner may overstrain his brain and can cause harm 
instead of good.

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