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HPB's comments on person using fictitious signature

Jan 03, 2007 08:22 AM
by M K Ramadoss

In pp. 326 of CW, Vol I, HPB mentions her being a target in a controversy by
one who calls himself as Scrutator.

She says "When a person enters a controversy over a fictitious signature, he
should be doubly cautious, if he would avoid the accusation of abusing the
opportunity of the mask to insult his opponents with impunity." and so

So use of fictitious name to hide under the mask seems to be an old trick.
In today's Internet world,  there  may be  a higher level of temptation to
do so.

She then talks about getting help from Webster to get a possible clue in the
pseudonym. Any one can read the full article in the online edition of CW at
the url:

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