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Failures in the Movement?

Jan 03, 2007 06:28 AM
by carlosaveline


As we did not arrive to the sixth sub-race of fifth race yet, the present nucleus of fore-runners in the preparation work is but a small seedling. 

This is no reason to attack the seedling.  A seedling is not meant to be a tree. 

It will take some 25,000 years, perhaps, to the sixth sub-race to flourish. 

Right now, it is all "too easy" to show, and to exaggerate,  the mistakes and failures of the theosophical movement. Yet it is much better to help improve the movement as it is than to  try to destroy it. Useless attempts, by the way. 

By now it has perhaps touched a lowest possible degree of vitality, in the short term 107 years cycle.  There  was no "magic reappearance of HPB" in the period 1975-2000. Disappointment permeates the collective unconscious. Besides, the hard part of the new century has already begun. 

Yet the core of the movement -- which includes people from various groups and some independent people as well  -- is very much alive as long as I can tell. 

Not all that is visible is true, and not all that is true -- is visible. Especially as we talk about Occultism.  

If we are truth-seekers, that which we think we know sould be always open to examination. 

Regards,  Carlos. 

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