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Re: Theos-World Did HPB Write This about W.Q. Judge??

Jan 02, 2007 02:42 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer


your attempt is very good.

But one must consider that you direct your question (or at least the answer that you expect) to the higher manas, while "theosophists" like Carlos live in their lower manas and therefore you cannot expect a higher answer.

It is a battle between lower manas v. higher manas or manas-manas v. kama-manas or esotericism v. exotericism.

Or a battle between believe and knowledge.

If you have used fraud or written under false names you have done nothing else as HPB or WQJ have done.

In Germany it is in all so-called theosophical groups commonly accepted to believe blind. Knowing, knowledge, logic, research is openly condemned and therefore no progress individually and collectively, what these fanatics, who create daily bad karma, turn the other way round and claim that all the theosophical work is already done and all is discovered and that Boris de Zirkoff was a chela and chelas never err and anyone who claims to have found new things which augmend or correct old things (like you or even my humble self with publishing in Germany HPB's St. Petersburg letter which leads to corrections of BdeZ's comments in BCW) is per se a dugpa and anti-theosophical.

One long term member of the Adyar ES told me that my trying to increase research, build up archives (books are from the devil, you know?!), own thinking is not theosophical.

Accepted polictical correct theosophical behaviour in the Adyar/Hannover/Pasadena/Unterlengenhardt/Hartmann TS is to shut the mouth, stop thinking, stop to ask questions, attend meetings (sleeping is allowed) and make donations as the money is needed for private things. Then you are a good theosophist, have good karma and a good future.

If you read the books and even demand what HPB stood for in spirit (to make people free with activating buddhi and manas) then you are a dugpa, you break the "harmony" and you violate "brotherhood".

Daniel, the real existing "theosophists" - at least those in my country - are intolerant, psychical hypnotized hypocritical non-thinking dead gojims and they have made a fanatical religion out of theosophy. I wonder when the first Blavatsky student will be sentenced or burnt by the pseduo-theosophists with a membership card as a trophy in their pocket.

So I wonder what you expect with your question?

Do you think that Carlos or any other of his level will say:

"Thank you Daniel, you have opened my eyes, my whole life I have misunderstood and misused poor HPB with my dead-letter believe. From now on I will do as she did and support my foes by publishing their texts. How was it possible that my sect has hypnotized so much?? Tomorrow I will go to my local ULT and demand free speech and free research!"

I hope this utopia will happen some day and crush down every stupid dogma in each lineage. This will be the day that HPB is understood.
I fear this will be only in a very distant future as we still wait to see that Buddha, Platon, Tsong-kha-pa, Paracelsus or Hegel will be understood.


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  Subject: Theos-World Did HPB Write This about W.Q. Judge??

  In a letter dated June 15, 1877 to A.N. Aksakoff,
  H.P. Blavatsky wrote:

  There is Judge, who has simply become a holy Arhat.
  He sees visions and he flies; and he asserts that he passes
  out of the body every night and roams in infinite
  space. I ring a bell in Forty-seventh Street, in my room,
  and he hears it at Brooklyn, eight miles off; he starts
  off at once, and in two hours he appears at my call.
  Quoted from Vsevolod S. Solovyoff, A MODERN PRIESTESS
  OF ISIS (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1895), p. 276.

  Did HPB write this about W.Q. Judge??

  Blavatsky Study Center


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