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How To Meditate

Jan 02, 2007 02:10 PM
by carlosaveline

Question: What is the right technique of meditation?
Answer: In the first place we need to ask ourselves, why and on what or whom we should meditate. Is our motive pure? Are we trying to meditate with superficial knowledge? H.P.B. warns us of the dangers of "sitting for development" at the very outset in The Voice of the SilenceŚchosen fragments from the "Book of the Golden Precepts"Śmeant for the daily use of disciples.
H.P.B. recommends self-examination at the end of the day, i.e., impersonal evaluation of one's thoughts, feelings, actions and motives, during the day, keeping one's Divine nature as the witness. "Genuine concentration and meditation, conscious and cautious, upon one's lower self in the light of the inner divine man [and the Paramitas or Transcendental Virtues] is an excellent thing." But to sit for yoga, with only a superficial and often distorted knowledge of the real practice, is almost invariably fatal.
Sila (morals) and Dhyana (meditation) must go hand in hand. We should purify our psychic, mental and moral natures. We must begin by purifying our thoughts which in turn leads to purification of the pranic currents and of the psychic nature. We need to turn our attention to high thoughts and noble spiritual themes.



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