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Jan 02, 2007 12:53 PM
by carlosaveline


Thanks. I will take your short note as an excuse to submit you a 
couple of ideas. 

People often talk about "lower nature" as if it could not and should 
not share one's inner life. As if it were intrinsically useless or 
even harmful. It is not so, at all. 

In fact, our "lower nature" is but the physical and emotional 
foundations on which we must build our path, or our Walk along the 
Path. Our "lower nature" must share the sacredness and the 
sacrifice of the Path. It is not an enemy, but a friend of the 
Pilgrim. It is the House, the outer Temple. Hence a good diet, the 
right kind of exercise, moderation in all things, etc. 

Our personal and animal nature must live on their own levels and in 
their own way each step of ours along the path. 

What I am doing today, as I ask whether the several testmimonies on 
frauds done by Caldwell are correct, is something much more simple. 

The question is that, if Caldwell is a fraud, that may be the 
explanation for his apparent psychological fixation on fake letters 
ascribed to HPB. Or his fixation about the ULT.

After months attacking the ULT, there was a brief interval for 
Christmas and New Year and now Caldwell, as predictable as ever, 
comes back with the same old stuff around false letters ascribed to 
HPB. This has been among his main themes in 2007, as you know. 

My hypothesis is that if Caldwell can renounce his own frauds 
(David Green, Terry Hobbes and so on) he will forget the slanders against the
founder of the movement. But I am not sure about that.

The main point is though that, in Occultism, we must be aware of 
what goes on at all seven levels of consciousness, with their 
sublevels included in the picture, too. 

Of course Theosophy is about Ethics, so if Daniel is a fraud he will 
have a problem sooner or later. 

Regards, Carlos. 

--- In, MarieMAJ41@... wrote:
> Carlos, the subject line you have used is an example of your 
lower nature at work. But we have seen examples of your buddhi-manas 
as well. I sincerely hope that you will continue your ascension 
process, with us here at theos-talk as witnesses to theosophy in 
> Marie
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> Subject: Theos-World Who is to determine whether Caldwell is a 
> Friends,
> We have seen in previous months various testimonies acoording to 
which Mr. Daniel Cadlwell might have been using fraud. But who is to 
determine that? 
> Perhaps he will clarify.
> Carlos. 

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