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Re Aveline angle, HPB letters

Jan 02, 2007 07:52 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re Aveline Angle, HPB Letters

    Carlos, your positive-thinking, 
polyannic attitude really gets under 
my skin sometimes.  Do you really think 
every bad thing is only a "mistake?" 
(repost below)  People do bad things 
because that is what some people are 
- they love it, and will not switch 
over to your viewpoint no matter how 
foolish you make yourself.  What is 
right and left-hand paths?  Go down 
to those barios in big-city Brazil 
and start talking brotherhood.  You 
will still get robbed, laughed at, 
and maybe killed, if foolish enough. 
(People of course also make "mistakes" 
continually as well.)

Dan writes:

"...We are working on expanding the 
collection of letters now available at: 


....We plan to also include the 
controversial HPB letters to Mr. Aksakoff 
and Mr. Solovyoff.  When this material
is posted, we will also include a link 
to Jake Jaqua's helpful summary questioning 
some of these letters and their content...."

    Am I being bought out? Ha.  They 
are just Notes.  Something also useful 
is Sordo's long letter to you on the 
HPB Letters (Maybe Edmonton has this 
online.) and also many of the comments 
Carlos has made.

         - jake j.

<5b. Pasadena and an Open Mind
    Posted by: "cardosoaveline" 
    Date: Mon Jan 1, 2007 8:02 am ((PST))


<Of course Pasadena TS must have made mistakes. Yet we must go beyond them and look ahead.  

<Mistakes are important for the lessons they teach.  Once we get  the lessons learned, it is better to move on. 

<There is, of course, a difference between pointing to mistakes and the lessons from them, and merely using mistakes (sometimes imaginary)  to disqualify those who think diferently from us. 

<Looking ahead to the rest of 21st century, the Pasadena TS and Point Loma groups (those groups following the line set by Emmet Small for instance) have much more in common than otherwise.  The same can be said with regard to the ULT and Blavatsky/Masters students in the Adyar TS.

<Adyar TS' mistakes should be discussed with a view to changes for the better which can take place -- that is, learning from mistakes.   

<Esoteric Philosophy is not quite in words, but beyond them, and 
Theosophy without an open mind and a broad horizon can be no real Theosophy. 

<Regards,  Carlos. 

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