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Motives for an Effort

Jan 02, 2007 05:53 AM
by carlosaveline


An article in "The Theosophical Movement" begins with these two quotations from the ML: 

"The term 'Universal Brotherhood' is no idle phrase....It is the only secure foundation for universal morality. If it be a dream, it is at least a noble one for mankind; and it is the aspiration of the true adept." 
"Beware then of an uncharitable spirit, for it will rise up like a hungry wolf in your path, and devour the better qualities of your nature...Broaden instead of narrowing your sympathies; try to identify yourself with your fellows, rather than to contract your circle of affinity." 
—A Master of Wisdom

And then the article goes on:

"As the inquirer goes on extending his reading of Theosophical literature, he gets a glimpse of the wonderful powers that come to him who advances along the Path of Occultism. Perhaps he has read Isis Unveiled and the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali. He gets convinced that phenomenal powers bordering on what he calls miraculous do exist. He desires to acquire some of these powers. Has he not heard of successful experiments in thought-transference and mind-reading? Has he hot witnessed the power that the hypnotist wields over his subjects, forcing them into droll antics? Has he not read about mediums who seemingly summon denizens from spookland and secure startling messages from across the threshold? He finds all these and many more powers treated of and explained in Theosophical texts. His curiosity is aroused and he longs to have one or two such powers up his sleeve—if not for gain, then at least for the delectation of some few before whom he may condescend to demonstrate. The aim of such an inquirer is clear enough. He desires something for himself and resolves to get it from Theosophy, even though he is warned that selfish motives will lead to no success."
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Regards,   Carlos. 

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