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Pasadena and an Open Mind

Jan 01, 2007 07:49 AM
by cardosoaveline


Of course Pasadena TS must have made mistakes. Yet we must go beyond 
them and look ahead.  

Mistakes are important for the lessons they teach.  Once we get  the 
lessons learned, it is better to move on. 

There is, of course, a difference between pointing to mistakes and the 
lessons from them, and merely using mistakes (sometimes imaginary)  to 
disqualify those who think diferently from us. 

Looking ahead to the rest of 21st century, the Pasadena TS and Point 
Loma groups (those groups following the line set by Emmet Small for 
instance) have much more in common than otherwise.  The same can be 
said with regard to the ULT and Blavatsky/Masters students in the 
Adyar TS.

Adyar TS' mistakes should be discussed with a view to changes for the 
better which can take place -- that is, learning from mistakes.   

Esoteric Philosophy is not quite in words, but beyond them, and 
Theosophy without an open mind and a broad horizon can be no real 

Regards,  Carlos. 


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