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James Long

Jan 01, 2007 06:52 AM
by Mark Jaqua

James A. Long

   James A. Long took over the former Point 
Loma Theosophical Society after controversy 
in about 1950.  Below is a partial list of 
members he shortly Kicked Out of the Society, 
and who after apparently resigned.  Long 
said he "did not want them to create more 
bad karma for themselves" (because they were 
antagonistic to _him_, and the way he took 
over the Society.)  This list comes from 
No. 2 of a "News Bulletin" put out by 
E. Small in 1951-52.  (There's six issues, 
far as I know.)  You might notice the list 
includes de Zirkoff, the Plummers, 
the Smalls, Jan Venema, the Harris's, 
Helen Todd, etc.
            - jake j.


<"Cancellations" of T.S. Membership

Holland:  Jan E. Venema

Sweden: Mrs. Klara Kirsebom

	Boris de Zirkoff 
	Mrs. Helen Harris 
	W. Emmett Small



H.L. Merry, Covina, California 
Dorothea J. King, San Diego, California. 
Lester A. Todd, San Francisco, California 
Helen K. Todd, San Francisco, California 
Anthony W. Shore, Desert Hot Springs, California 
Jalie Neville Shore, Desert Hot Springs, California 
Dora Grace Heck, Los Angeles, California 
Iverson L. Harris, San Gabriel, California 
Sven Hildor Barton, Topanga, California 
Marguerite A. Barton, Topanga, California 
Ethel Green Small, San Diego, California 
Carmen E. Small, San Diego, California 
L. Gordon Plummer, San Diego, California 
Rose Lloyd, Burbank, California 
Bess R. Neeper, San Diego, California 
Florence Collisson, San Diego, California 
Helen H. Laird, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Inez H. Van Assche, Santa Barbera, California 
Nancy Lewson Browning, Los Angeles, California 
Audree Dreher, Shernan Oaks, California 
H. van Wingen, Jr., Pasadena, California 
Zarah M. Bickford, Hollywood, California 
Vahdah Olcott Bickford, Hollywood, California 
Ola L. Corkham, Wichita, Kansas 
Alma B. Mills, Pasadena, California 
Katerine G. Heck, San Diego, California 
Gertrude Fisk, Petaluma, California 
Helen Peoples, Petaluma, California 
Anna Voris, Petaluma, California 
Foster L. Griffiths, San Diego, California 
Mary M. Griffiths, San Diego, California

Sweden:  Maja Waerland Synge

Holland:  (list not yet received: see Extracts from

Germany: the following members of the former 
Nuremberg Lodge:

Hedwig Geer - Georg Gomnel - Georg Schmidt 
- Ludwig Schafer - Arthur Wehner 
- Margarete Kraus - Charlotte Koch 
- Werner Koch - Anna Nelkenbrecher 
- Berta Frohlich - Karl Hafner - Hans Kramer 
- Lydia Blum - Georg Blum - Ludwig Seboldt 
- Ingrid Gurtler - Inge Schlagbauer 
- Alois Heidrich - Wilhelmine Heidrich 
- Konrad Wening - Elisabeth Wening 
- Hans Geer - Dora Grasser - Adolf Hanfling 
- Georg Wollner - Engelbert  Fergg 
- Hilde Geer - Ferdinand Renner 
- Margarete Lammermann - Robert Sauer 
- Alfred Dratschmidt - Arthur Loffler 
- Otto Leidenberger - Marie Zeltner 
- Hans Kauz  - Betty Landshuter 
- Arthur Koschate - Emma Bocklein 
- Thomas Pesoldt - Else Kadner 
- Willi Bochlein - Klaus Geer 
- Elisabeth Spatz - Herrmann Spatz 
- Rudolf Stiegler - Leonhard Kraus 
- Hans Graser - Karl Koppl 
- Hedwig Reder - Andreas Pommer>

     ("News Bulletin" No. 2, W.E. Small,


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