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Re: On ULT's Finances

Jan 01, 2007 05:59 AM
by carlosaveline



Yes, in fact the ULT as such has no finances. It is supported by "The Theosophy Co."  The ULT, as an informal network,  only supports volunteer workers and students worldwide, free of charge.  

As to "The Theosophy Co.",  it offers materials with prices usually far below market levels. 

Many movements have foundations or companies to deal with their financial or formal matters. This is not something peculiar to the ULT. 

Have a nice 2007 in Russia and Ukraine, where the structure of the theosophical molvement is, to me, rather renewed and ready for the 21st century, 



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Assunto:Theos-World Re: On ULT's Finances

> Dear Carlos,
> Yes, I agree: as ULT doesn't take even a cent fron its associates, we 
> cannot ask for any financial accounts from them.
> I'm wishing very happy new year of pig to all of you.
> See the image. I've scanned it from a napkin.
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